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County Projects 21% Savings with Improved Service

We are currently finalizing a deal with a county that has been put on hold due to COVID-19.  The county spends ~$170,000 annually for voice and internet services.  We will be increasing internet speeds at the main locations, adding back up internet services for failover and consolidating their invoices (they have about 20 locations and 6 different vendors). Resulting in annual savings of ~$36,000. In addition, the county anticipates saving another ~$12,000 annually on their cellular services.

Call Center Saves 30% Bandwidth Increases

Another success story focused on solution delivery to a small call center. Problems stemmed from dropping of services for their voice and internet. They were spending over $19,000/annually on both voice and internet. We added a new fiber provider, increased their internet speed and added a cable back up resulting in ~$6000 annual savings and faster speeds.